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Earn $$ from your site every time a user visits your page.

Who would not want to earn passive income without an effort? At digitize the Globe, we have experts who will give you top-of-the-range PPC services, and we provide the latest marketing technology -programmatic advertising- a deal like no other. We will help set up your PPC ads to attract and encourage customers to take immediate action. We do thorough research on what customers want and design an ad that will bring numbers to your business. You don’t have to waste money on adverts that you aren’t sure they’ll pay back- we have the solution.

How PPC works?

Unlike the SEO where you get clicks to your website organically, with PPC, you’ve to pay for marketing to generate the clicks to your website. Examples of these are the sponsored ads you see on top of Google’s search results page, usually marked with a yellow page.

Here, you pay a small fee anytime a visitor clicks on your ads, and they’re directed to your website. The average fee for many websites is $2.  It may look like too much, but you just need to do a proper strategy on campaigns, and you’ll be surprised how much revenue you could earn out of it.

How Pay Per Click ads look like?

Generally, most pay per click ads appears in search results. Following are the three main types

Text ads

It is a written copy by an advertiser, and the PPC working platform determines the format and character limits. When users search for a keyword in a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the text ads within your PPC campaign are triggered.

Display ads

A motion graphic or an image format is used to deliver this type of ad. Not every platform can be used for display ads; the advertiser must comply with content and size requirements in creating such ads. They are strategically placed on websites, and the advertiser’s target is market visits.

Shopping ads

When a searcher submits a query through the search engine, shopping ads are delivered. These contain the image of the product, price, and other essential specifications like size, shape, or color.

The leading PPC platforms

There are so many platforms upon which PPCs are placed, but three mentioned below are the leading platforms

Google ads

Google is one of the most popular search engines, and Google ads are the primary platform for advertising. It offers pay-per-click advertising on its search network and other partner sites. On its display network are image and video advertising. YouTube advertising is also enabled through this platform.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft’s advertising platform allows pay-per-click on its search network- Bing.com.  It is also available on partner sites like yahoo.com, together with native advertising on other company properties such as MSN.

Amazon advertising

Amazon is arguably the biggest and most robust e-commerce company in the world and deeply entrenched in the US market.  Amazon advertising is now a fast emerging PPC platform specifically for e-commerce retailers. Statistics show that over 46% of product searches begin on Amazon.

Before you try PPC marketing

There are few things that you have to consider if you want to try PPC marketing

  1. You need a clear conversion goal

This type of advertising is most effective if you can really track every dollar you spend and how much you earn on the investment. That means you must have clear conversion goals.

  1. What is it you want to accomplish?

If you want nimble and responsive advertising, then PPC is your thing. However, your level of investment determines the outcome-the the more you spend, the more you earn, and if you stop spending, then the gains dwindle. That is why you need a perfect mix of PPC and Search Engine optimization so that you have an option of earning organically.

  1. Think about the Return on investment (ROI)

You must do a reality check on how much you need to spend before earning. You don’t expect instant results in your ads. You may even spend to the tune of $50 without earning from the investment and this is something you’ve to bear in mind before you commit.

Benefits of PPC

If managed effectively, you could easily drive some significant traffic to your site, and it is one of the fastest marketing strategies for quick conversions. Within a few months, you could be dealing with thousands of followers.
With PPC ads, you target a specific audience on search and shopping networks, and therefore you’ve less wastage and more gains.

One of the most critical things with any effective marketing campaign is the ability to make adjustments easily and quickly, and this improves success on your campaign.
With PPC, you can easily tell and track your investment, and as an advertiser, you can see the Return on investment in your ads.

A few pitfalls of PPC
While there are so many benefits of PPC advertising over many other strategies, there are several demerits to it

The cost
PPC advertising can be quite expensive, depending on your industry. Placement of an ad can even cost over $50. This will, of course, vary depending on the PPC auction model.

The nature of the platform is sometimes tricky, and therefore you have wasted ad spend, and this usually happens without the knowledge of the PPC platform.

The search volume
PPC mostly depends on how visitors are searching for your product keyword, and if they’re hard to find, then your site won’t generate good traffic. That means you have to ensure that the keywords are perfectly in tandem with your offerings.

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