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If you wonder Why ‘Digital Marketing’ is the key to profit? The answer is simple and the 2020 corona pandemic lockdown has definitely proven it to us. In the past, online marketing was just a new and different way to market, but within just the past few years, the importance of digital marketing has become something else. It’s no longer enough to have a website or run some un-focused Ads campaign, but it’s an integral part of what a business is to its customers. 5 Facts about the Importance of Digital Marketing - 
  1. Social media habits of the new generation
In 2014, the average Internet user had 3 social media accounts and now it has reached 7. Right now the average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media & teenagers average 9 hours. Social media is integrated into everything they do from school, to work, to entertainment, to hanging out with friends. Social Media is where people are & they do buy the things there. One of the important reasons is that they’re on social media is not only to buy products but to advertise to them. They spend approximately 37% of their social media time interacting with branded content (especially the Facebook ads).
  1. Exact audience target
One of the gifts that digital marketing has given us is the ability to dissect huge demographics and area focus. Segregate them down into targeted groups to get super-focused on a specific group of people. Who are these people? They are most likely the people who purchase what you sell. When we target at this level, we create an ad that’s highly relevant to your target market. Because it actually connects on a level that more general advertising can’t. This connection gives it the ability to influence our customer’s decisions. You do it without annoying traditional advertising techniques like Digitalize The Globe (DTG) does. Search results now account for about 64% of website traffic over the entire Internet.
  1. More Advanced Analytics
In the case of SEO services, we learn much more about the people interacting with that ad:
  • Who’s most interested in your ads
  • What they like
  • Who are convertible
  • What makes them more likely to take an action
  • Who spends more online on goods
  • What terms can they use to find you online
  • Which websites do they visit that lead them to yours
All of this is really easy to track with analytics software like Google Analytics. Many businesses like to have a mix in their marketing plan like SEO + SMO + Branding + Graphic design. In that case, the importance of digital marketing is how much you learn about potential customers are that carry over to other marketing methods.
  1. Craze of ‘Mobile Technology’
According to research, mobile transactions are increasing at a lightning-fast speed of 35% over just one year. But it’s not just the actual buying and selling happening only on a mobile. People are using their mobile phones as a kind of augmented reality layered over a transaction business. They’re looking at reviews and product information & maybe ordering online or communicating with customer care often. Having the latest mobile also has become a trend. But we can definitely take good advantage of this thing. Digital marketing, SEO, SMO, SMM can be done keeping the android technology in mind; so that it will be easier to target those who use mobile and mobile apps all the time.
  1. Best ROI
Digital marketing ROI is the measure of the profit or loss that you generate on your digital marketing campaigns and if you need a Digital Marketing Company in Pune or a Digital Marketing Company/Agency in Pune India, based on the amount of money you have invested. And if you don't measure the ROI of the campaigns you run, we won't know for sure if you're wasting money or spending your digital marketing budget wisely How to Be Relevant Online To be relevant online today you need to:
  • Create a user-friendly website.
  • Invest in SEO so that you appear in search results
  • Have an active social media profile where you engage with customers
  • Some paid advertising like Facebook ads, AdWords, Instagram, or Promoted Tweets. Sometimes it’s hard to get found online without some paid media.
  • Reputation management: You got to know what people are saying about you. When asked, most people write a positive review. When not asked for it, only unhappy people tend to write reviews.
  • Integrated touchpoints: All of the places that you’re online should work together. Engage your target customers both online and in your physical shop if you’re a brick and mortar business.
The Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business It’s clear. Businesses in the modern economy need digital marketing to compete and stand out in the market. Online is where the customers are. It’s where they prefer you to reach them. Online is where the modern buying process begins in this modern era. You get the importance of digital marketing. But that doesn’t make it easy to implement strategies that get you the ROI you’re looking for. Find out how we can help you are going to market online to grow your business. Give us a call to schedule a small meet: +91 9322959969
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